Tonight at Londons Dorchester Hotel. The Amy Winehouse Foundation Ball will be held to raise awareness for the homeless on our streets. As it is nearing Christmas and our coldest time of year many young people will be homeless and seeking shelter.

The organisation has already donated millions to charities including the Pillion Trust Crashpad. The Crashpad is a last resort for people with nowhere else to go. It only has space for 15 people a night but last winter 106 came looking for refuge.

Mitch says of his daughter “Im only carrying on the work she was starting. She was particularly concerned with homeless people as well,

“There was this young lady walking around in Amy’s house and I said ‘Amy who’s this young girl?’ and she said ‘Dad she’s homeless I’m looking after her’.

This winter consider the homeless people you walk past each and every day. If you wish to attend and show your support tickets are by table and single tickets are £500. Jamie Cullum, Matt Goss and Tyler James will be playing at tonight’s Ball.

Other wise you can click here to donate.
All your help will be appreciated.

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