Liz & Dick

I have just watched the Liz & Dick movie. I was so surprised lately when it got such bad press, reviews and mockery. I now know why. I think it is an insult to Elizabeth Taylor to 1. Have her portrayed in that light and 2. To have Lindsey Lohan play her. Who on earth is the casting director? He or she must have been like 18 as Elizabeth Taylor is/was Hollywood Royalty and to have her played and portrayed so poorly is to dis her extraordinary acting talent, her genuinity, her giving, kind and loving nature. More than that she was cleaver, witty, charming, sharp as a blade, coy, cute and selfless (yes Iv read all her books) Did I mention her acting capability was 2nd to none.

This movie really is badly scripted also and very lazily shot. Its like cut to the 5 bad minutes of her entire life, focus on that and voila, we have a movie. Is that what youth culture, are expected in some weird way be able to relate to or worse, to consider it a love story!? Awful awful awful!! I find it hard to digest. Looks like Hollywood is either becoming lazy or desperate or just doesn’t care about making good quality, decent, well done and clever pictures any more. Any true Elizabeth fan will not pay heed to it but for people that are new to the 20 Century Icon (or Queen of the Nile) its a pretty bad introduction.

Grant Bowler makes it watchable in his version of Richard Burton. He plays the character well but I think he could do better in other roles. Good luck to him in future film. I wonder what Richard himself would think of him. Im sure he wouldn’t have to many ill words, maybe even think he’s rather good. You never know where his mind could be at.

I do love Liz & Dick (the people) but I dearly hope there is a better interpretation of them in years to come.



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