Iv recently read an article on actress Cynthia Nixon on her wedding day. She talks about how she never was the little girl that dreamt of a wedding dress or her wedding day. Quite frankly neither did I!

As a young child I was a girly girl into Barbie’s and My Little Pony etc but I never once thought about marriage or having my own wedding dress! From about age 9 or 10 on I grew up and was more of a tom boy. Now Iv got Alpha and Beta qualities which I think makes me a strong woman yet still feminine. I still don’t dream of a wedding. I think weddings these days are for the birds!! Ridiculously blown way out of proportion, stupidly expensive and mostly ego driven. Iv never once been interested in hearing or reading about celebrity weddings or weddings of any sort. Its just one subject that doesn’t interest me.  Saying that Im still a female and of course I like romance and diamonds. What girl doesn’t. But it doesn’t go beyond that for me. Not for now at least. Im still young and want to live my life as I like without being tied down so I think some women out there should think twice at least and make sure they know what they want and decide  with integrity and good foresight before making the ultimate decision.

Saying that I must say I truly support any and all friends that have gotten married and that are engaged to be married. I believe they are smart ladies that know for sure what they want and I believe they will be happy for a long time and maybe forever.

Fair play to Cynthia for not being a celeb diva and demanding to have an over the top bridal gown and opting for a modest ceremonial dress instead.

If you think about the young people that get married in their 20s. I think they must be doing it for the moment. Does one truly think they can spend their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and possibly 70s and 80s with the one person. I know I couldnt. I’d only enter into a marriage as a mature decision knowing that everything is going to go right and not spontaneously.

But hey… Who am I to judge 🙂



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