CIRCA 1920s

Following the splash of The Great Gatspy there is a surge in all things 1920s glam. About time I say. Here here. I have alway had a strong liking to the roaring 20s and been fascinated by its culture. It was a revaluation. A break for freedom. Everything seemed to change in that era. Skirts got shorter, parties got wilder, women got more daring, men got rich, the drink got plentiful and the music got louder. Everything got glamafied and people seemed to party their money and cares away.It would have been some time to be around.

It was an era of speak easy excess, debauchery and big business in Hollywood. It would have been some spectacle to have been a fly on the wall.

The fashion of that era was extraordinary. Dresses had a swing and were worn heavy with beads and sequence,. Stunning pieces were worn by all. Right now the high streets are offering a glimpse in to the fashion world of that time. I have put together some original circa 1920s items for you to take a look at. When you go shopping you can take an original idea or item and create your own way of styling it. Check out some of these stunning pieces. Enjoy and hope you find some fabulous 1920s inspired fashion.



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