Here it is. The arrival of the long anticipated new Royal Air. Congratulations to William and Kate. They have been very lucky to find each other and are now blessed with a little Prince of their own. I can imagine they must be over the moon. The night will go down in history not alone for the baby joy but also for the ferocious thunder and lightening that sparked over the city of London.

Whats next for Will and Kate? More public engagements, the christening, a few interviews, all a bit boring I say. They are such a perfect royal couple but I find it all a bit dull. Harry on the other hand seems to be a bit more rebellious like the rest of us. He’s got a wild streak. It will be certainly interesting to see if this may be part of the new Royal baby’s genetics. Two rights must make a wrong 🙂

Anyways congratulations to the pair. Im sure they will be gloating, I mean glowing, for the next few days. If you put yourself in Kate’s shoes Im sure it must be so difficult and irritating that everyone is wanting a piece of her when Im sure she just wants to recuperate.  All that nodding and smiling must be a pain in the Royal toosh.





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