Bulgari reveals Le Gemme

This month sees the launch of Le Gemme from Bulgari, available exclusively at Harrods. Inspired by high jewellery, each fragrance in the six-piece collection represents six jewels. Ashlemah, the Amethyst, is shown in an iridescent violet-blue gem and the scent is created with lavender, iris and violet. Noorah, the Turquoise, contains notes of galbanum, cardamom, iris, benzoin, resin, tobacco and oak. Amarena, the Tourmaline, lies between vegetal and floral featuring mastic, galbanum, peppermint, bitter orange, and mandarin and orange leaves. Maravilla, the Citrine, uses notes of peach, jasmine, patchouli and vetiver acetate. Calaluna, the Moonstone, has an opaque and milky appearance containing notes of sandalwood, cardamom, and almond heliotrope. The EDPs cost £105 each for 30ml and £230 for 100ml.


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