Cecil Beaton and VOGUE

No one but Cecil Beaton could have cajoled so many beautiful dresses from so many fashionable women, and in doing so confer upon their owners a sort of immortality. That clothes one has worn should become a permanent acquisition of the Victoria and Albert Museum is an exceptional way of embalming the ego.As a portrait photographer Cecil Beaton has done wonders for women, bestowing mystery and magic upon fashionable faces, royal faces, theatrical faces; bestowing romantic beauty upon the asymmetrical eccentricities of the intelligentsia. One of his books, “The Glass of Fashion,” contains the most wittily evocative descriptions of clothes as they were worn, and the women who wore them, ever written in the English language. And in the same book he refers to fashion as “‘the triumph of the ephemeral.” For this V and A exhibition he has caught past ephemera in his butterfly net, and catalogued it for all time. Art and fashion


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