What do you think of the famous Birkin? It’s a contrast of interest as the majority of Birkin belongers (yes I made that up) will hand on heart, swear they are animal lovers. They couldn’t be more hypocritical. The Wealthy, celebrities and the fashion victims shell out thousands of £, $, € on a single leather bag made form such animals as Cow, Calf, Lamb, Crocodile, Ostridge, Pig, Kangaroo, snake and I’m sure many more. Yet they would say ‘I’m an animal lover” and justify it because they have a pet rat, I mean Chihuahua (which is so 90s).

In the wake of the cold blooded killing of Cecil the Lion, people are pricking up ears and awakening their senses to the non-sensical fact that even in fashion and beauty lies death and the killing of millions of beautiful, innocent fluffy creatures. The beauty industry is a massively toxic environment that I pay little attention to. In fashion, where leather is worn by the wealthy, celebrities and where high end designers use it in their collections and shows, it just shows pure injustice and a lack of respect for life of all kinds.

Take Jane Birkin for instance, she is now taking her name off the Birkin Bag brand because of Peta and other animal rights organisations coming down on top of her with rightful persuasion to end the killing of animals for such high fashion brands.

Take a look here to read an article by Style magazine on Jane Birkin.

a-scantily-clad-pamela-anderson-starred-in-this-ad-which-was-banned-in-montreal-because-it-was-sexist hermes-birkin1



  1. Birkin has known Bardot for a long time (and acted alongside her back in the day). Perhaps Bardot’s views have at long last made an impression on Birkin, or maybe she just doesn’t want bad publicity?


    1. Thanks for your comment. I would agree that she may not want the bad publicity and that is her main reason for deciding to take her name form the Birkin Bag. At least she is withdrawing her name and it might give a sign to others to do the same or at least think twice before making luxury items out of animal skin.


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