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R.I.P Peaches Geldoff


As with any celebrities sudden and unexpected exit from this world and life time it comes as more of a surprise and shock that it was Peaches Geldoff’s time to depart. Usually a huge signalling factor of any celebrities death is ruthless press attention documenting their every move and splashing their troubled existence all over the front pages of the press. But Peaches Geldoff seems to have had a less extreme twist of faith. Peaches at just ages 25, had appeared to have given up her party life style to settle into family life with her two young boys one of which sadly will only turn one year old in the coming months.  It comes very unexpected as there was no tell tale signs, no spiralling out of control.

As stated by her father “We are beyond pain,” said her father, confirming her death. “She was the wildest, funniest, cleverest, wittiest and the most bonkers of all of us.” This from a man that seems to be the master of dealing with tremendous pain while the spotlight is on him.

The sudden death of another beautiful and young woman Paula Yates, Peaches mother was a previous blow to the family. Peaches was only 11 when her mother died and she has said that having her own kids has helped her to deal with her mothers death.  Not forgetting the death of Michael Hutchence whom fathered Peaches step sister with her mother Paula Yates and whom Bob Geldoff has adopted as his own. All beautiful yet tormented people. The strength of Bob Geldoff in dealing with such tragedies while continuing to take care of his remaining family is certainly admirable and my thoughts are with him.

Peaches seemed to be a kind and vivacious character, a loving mother, a caring daughter and talented writer and TV personality/presenter. I hope there will be no more deaths of such great people for a long time to come.

Above is Peaches at a Sass & Bibe fashion show just being herself and enjoying life. R.I.P.

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