Check out this month’s Harpers Bazaar article on two current pop culture fashion icons. This guy is the most Unrecognised stylist of the decade. Not sure of some of his pieces myself, like, just because its got a name to it doesn’t alway mean it looks good on you. See what you think.



Here are six trends that are stated to be “all the rage” for 2015. These have been taken form The Guardian’s Fashion Statement. Some I agree with, some I don’t. What is your opinion?  Will you be popping these trends or will you be drumming to your own beat?

6. The Ponytail Lift: This is a cheep trick to make yourself look younger. The fact its become a”trend” means we will have lots of people walking around looking like Mrs. Stretch. The idea is that you pull the ponytail back so tightly that it pulls your face with it. Fast way to hair loss and looking like an alien if you ask me.

5. Negative Space Nail Art: This is neither here nor there, literally. The idea is that half the nail is painted and the other half is left blank. Its whatever you make it.

4.The Brazilian Butt Lift: I am not into fat butts nor do I see them as any bit attractive, but (pun intended) if that’s what you want, go get it girl! Since the Paper Magazine cover, butt augmentation procedures have risen. I think this is the craziest trend. It might be in today gone tomorrow and you will be left thousands of dollars/pounds/euros in dept and with a dreadful derrière.

3. The Power Brow: OMG. How can people think that wearing caterpillars on their face is a good look!? Wear what you have naturally I say, and just define it elegantly with an eyebrow pencil. Don’t pluck to much or dye them black if you are mousy or fair and don’t follow trends unless they suit you. Do what is best for your face not what looks good on catwalk models or because a magazine says so. Be you. It is far more individual.

2. Twighy Lashes: The 60s was an era full of inspiration, funky futuristic styles, psychedelic music and Twiggy. I think Twiggy’s look was chic for the time. Any comeback form the 60’s gets the thumbs up form me 🙂

1. The Cat Eye Swoop: This I love! I have always been into black eye liner that shapes and adds a sexiness to the eyes. Cleopatra and Bridget Bardot were the trail blazers of this ultra sophisticated and sexy look. The bigger the better 😉

So these are seemingly the trends for 2015. Its all about going BIG! Big butts, brows, lashes, hair and nails. I can see whats going to happen here. This time next year it will be exactly the opposite so don’t follow trends. Set them!

Antonia K. Moore


Who’s in the market for a pair of bedazzled jeans that cost a year’s rent? Moda Operandi launched the Dolce & Gabbana Trunk Show  this morning, which features, among other sparkly, lacy, and encrusted things, a pair of $12,500 jeans. Plucked straight from the runway, these jeans are 99% cotton, feature Swarovski crystals and patent leather rosebuds, and probably can’t be machine-washed – Bargain! 

Cecil Beaton and VOGUE

No one but Cecil Beaton could have cajoled so many beautiful dresses from so many fashionable women, and in doing so confer upon their owners a sort of immortality. That clothes one has worn should become a permanent acquisition of the Victoria and Albert Museum is an exceptional way of embalming the ego.As a portrait photographer Cecil Beaton has done wonders for women, bestowing mystery and magic upon fashionable faces, royal faces, theatrical faces; bestowing romantic beauty upon the asymmetrical eccentricities of the intelligentsia. One of his books, “The Glass of Fashion,” contains the most wittily evocative descriptions of clothes as they were worn, and the women who wore them, ever written in the English language. And in the same book he refers to fashion as “‘the triumph of the ephemeral.” For this V and A exhibition he has caught past ephemera in his butterfly net, and catalogued it for all time. Art and fashion