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During the last few years, the jumpsuit has become a fashion must-have. But loved as it is by designers and celebrities, would you believe this key style statement has already been around for almost a century.

When Kate Moss designed a jumpsuit for her collection with Topshop a few years ago, they became one of the hottest trends to hit the high street in years. Comfortable and chic, jumpsuits can look good on almost any body type. Now they are a hit on the red carpet and changing the game of red carpet style and fashion.

Believe it or not, the jumpsuit’s origins don’t belong to the world of high fashion at all. In fact, they were originally designed as a work garment. During the early 20th century, military pilots who would strap parachute packs to their backs first wore the jumpsuit.

Im loving the jumpsuit and will make sure it is a staple piece in my summer wardrobe. Check out some of my choice favs. You can find these on many online stores.



  1. City guide is aways handy
  2. A plane to get you there 😉
  3. Guide to your countries most eligible bachelors 😉
  4. Purse (full) of money
  5. Stylish scarf to drape over you when the cabin gives you a chill.
  6. A good book. I find, The Life Of Cleopatra, is historical, informative, interesting and an intriguing read. Her life was more opulent than that of of any “Diva” of the 21C.
  7. Fashion mag to get updated on the latest trends to keep your eye out for.
  8. Moisturiser. But of course. The Sanctuary is so nice, smooth and refreshing.
  9. A note pad to make a list of things to see and do or to jot down waves of  inspiration.
  10. And last but not least Water… Need I say more.



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Had a great day yesterday shooting the look book for up and coming designer Duchelina Dove. I am working to get this lady known in the fashion industry, she and her pieces are amazing! I am so looking forward to getting the finished look book, seeing all her crazy fabulous dresses and starting our journey in London’s fashion industry. Watch this space for some incredible unique designs. Excited 🙂


Bag the lot

Hey I have decided to start a fashion and beauty blog. I must start off with 2 of this seasons fabs bags I came across form Kara Ross. Aren’t these just stunning? The link is above for those of you whom would like to purchase.  Anyway this is my first fashion blog entry. I hope it to be the start of many more 😉 Hope you enjoy. Lots of love xx