imperial persuasion

If your anything like me your one of or both two things, into fashion and slightly busy to keep consistent blog posts. Wel I’m back 🙂 I have just come across a new website where the products are good quality and affordable. I have bought a few items and I must say I am happy with what I purchased. Imperial Persuasion  I love their name and their tag line – Be Persuaded 😉 Haha yes please.

As it is still a new store it is still growing its product range but that’s the fun of it. When I find a new store in its early days I love to watch it grow. I have been in touch with the store’s owner and find her and her staff very friendly and they also give good customer support (very important). So without further ado take a look for yourselves and leave a comment below x Go on, Be Persuaded hehe

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Don’t know about ye but I am loving the colour lime green for summer. Heres a few things I found but it doesn’t compare to the hotness of the colour draped through some of the best magazine but it will give you inspiration to be brave with such a bold and bright colour this summer.