Love this S/S Cavalli satchel handbag. This cute little dazzler will work with any outfit. Its thick shoulder strap chain looks chic and classic. I love the heavy weight of the chain strap you can feel the fabulous quality of the materials of this bag. It gives you an elegant feel. Its Art Deco chic 😉


The Charlottes web of British designers shows us her bag lady attributes with these beautiful clear clutches. I love the red for a bit of danger and mystique and the crystal clear one for day time, quite clearly. Theses little clutches are available on most luxury brand websites and I would suggest to get your mitts on one if you can as they are totally delectable.



I like a bit of unique styling and people brave enough to wear these creations down the street. You probably will see some high flyers doing just that at London’s Fashion Week. These amazing designs are by none other than Peter Pilotto. Peters crazy creations span from his background of half-Austrian, half-Italian, coming form such a colourful background I think helps gives his vision zest. His intention: womenswear embraces both new and classic perspectives on elegance. Otherworldly prints combine with soft, sculptural shapes. I think these outfits would look awesome at a festival 🙂




Last night I found myself in a room of over 200 women all there for the same thing, to meet their mentor. On the panel giving inspirational speeches and perfect examples of how to succeed as an entrepreneur were Sophie Cronish co founder of, Jan Constantine founder and creator of, Cassandra Stavrou founder of and head speaker of the night was none other than Cherie Blair, Liverpudlian, founder of, barrister and former MP Tony Blairs wife.

The event was held in The Mayfair Hotel and began with sparkling wine and canapes (what else) to get the mood going and a bit of dutch encouragement to network amongst some talented, ambitious, curious and entrepreneurial women. I found myself lucky enough to have meet some lovely and interesting women with whom I will either remain in contact with or hope to meet again. There were women from all walks of life ranging from nurses to interior designers to video game creators.

This was a great event for women that are looking for someone to mentor them in their desired ambition and give advice along the way and where needed. Tickets to this event were ÂŁ45 but totally worth it. It is advertised in London’s Stylist magazine, where they hold events several times a year. My suggestion to you if you are a woman that has business ambition, an idea that needs help getting of the ground or just looking for some direction or just want to mingle, this is an event recommended by the people for the people to help you, the people.

Keep an eye out and you never know, I might see you at the next event. Check out this link



Had a great day yesterday shooting the look book for up and coming designer Duchelina Dove. I am working to get this lady known in the fashion industry, she and her pieces are amazing! I am so looking forward to getting the finished look book, seeing all her crazy fabulous dresses and starting our journey in London’s fashion industry. Watch this space for some incredible unique designs. Excited 🙂



This gold pattern jacket from River Island has such a touch of flash, uniqueness, style and is right on trend (of course). Be great to ware with jeans, leggings (of which I live) skirts. Im so getting one. Hope they’re not sold out by the time I get a little spare cash.